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Become a wine tasting professional ! Before or after your ride, participate to a tasting course with a professional wine taster. On the VVR village, after an hour of workshop, the Val de Loire wines won't have any secret for you.

The access is strictly reserved for the VVR hiking participants over 18 years old. Be careful, the workshop is in french.  Book in your tickets during your hiking registration (15 euros per adult ). 
Warning ! the time and duration of the hike must be taken into account when choosing the tasting course schedule.

Meet at VVR's village
 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (subject to availability)
Thank's for check-in 15 minutes before
10:15 (Only 1 places left)
14:00 (full)

 DateSaturday 31/08/2019
Departure pointParking de la Charbonnière
44150 Ancenis-Saint-Géréon
44 - Loire Atlantique
coordinates lat. 47.361327 - long. -1.186051
DistanceParcours classique : 8,8 km
Parcours famille : 4,5 km
DurationParcours classique : 4h
Parcours famille : 2h30

Hike(s) - Départures
(subject to availability)

Departures every 15 minutes.
entre 10h & 10h30 (full)
entre 10h30 & 11h (Only 2 places left)
entre 11h & 11h30 (Only 18 places left)
entre 11h30 & 12h
entre 13h & 13h30
entre 13h30 & 14h
entre 14h & 14h30 (full)
entre 14h30 & 15h
entre 15h & 15h30 (Only 24 places left)
entre 15h30 & 16h

Register on the following time slots :
entre 10h30 & 11h (full)
entre 15h30 & 16h (Only 4 places left)

Language(s) Spoken :

Coteaux-d’ancenis wines are true gems of the Loire, and are available in all three colours from both sides of the river. They reflect the abundance and diversity of the Anjou and Nantes terroirs.

For the first time, the vintners of the appellation coteaux-d'ancenis will take you to discover the city that gave it its name. Go for a stroll between vines and city to discover the vineyard, the Loire and the rich heritage of Ancenis.

1.        You begin the hike in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Loire. After that, you arrive at your first break where you enjoy a Muscadet cru Champtoceaux, accompanied by fillet of smoked Loire mullet.

2.       The ride continues on a bucolic path to get out of the city. You arrive on the hills of Ancenis in the first vines and you enjoy a breathtaking view of the Loire and the vineyard. At the top of the hill, your second break is at the foot of the stone Meslières. A tasting of Gamay rosé is waiting for you with cheese and grapes.

3.       Continue the walk in the heart of the vineyards for a third stop. Vines as far as the eye can see and glass in hand, enjoy a red Gamay accompanied by black pudding and a grape.

4.       You leave the vineyards and the return is progressively taking the banks of the Loire. This is the time to discover the built heritage of Ancenis and a sweet coteaux-d'ancenis with a geo-sensory tasting at the castle. In the shade of a cedar, you enjoy this unique setting given by this house of the Renaissance and the view of the Loire.

At the end of your walk, all the winemakers welcome you to the VVR village. At the rhythm of a group of music animating the village, you can enjoy with the products of local producers and a truck of fouées. Wine tasted during the hike will be available for sale and children will enjoy the wooden games.

Picnics are allowed.

Family walk: Family-friendly hike and all terrain strollers. Departures at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. Subscribe on 10:30 to 11:00 am and 3:30 to 4:00 pm time slots.

Vineyard School: Before leaving or returning from your walk, participate in a tasting class with a professional sommelier. On the VVR village, after an hour of workshop, the wines of the Loire Valley will have no secrets for you! Accessibility to the workshop is strictly reserved for participants of Vines Randos Wine. Book your seats when registering for your hike (15 € per adult).

For restauration, have a look at :
Restaurant Clémence : 02 40 36 03 18
Le 7 de table : 02 51 14 04 14
La table du pêcheur : 02 85 52 34 41
Les Terrasses de Bel Air : 02 40 83 02 87
Le Clos du Cellier : 02 40 25 38 45
La Villa Saint Germain :  02 51 14 10 04
Restaurant du Golf de la Varenne : 02 40 98 13 40
Le Port du Moulin : 02 40 83 95 57
La Citadelle : 02 40 83 50 09
For the night, we selected for you those places :
La Grande Menuère : 02 40 96 78 52
Loire Séjours : 09 64 40 47 46
Gîte le Puits ferré : 09 64 40 47 46
La maison dans les bois : 02 51 14 13 82
Château de Cop-Choux : 02 40 97 28 52
Le Champalud : 02 40 83 50 09
Yourtes et Chambres d'hôtes en bord de Loire :