DateSunday 01/09/2019
Departure pointDomaine Gibault, 15 rue des vignes
41140 Noyers-sur-cher
41 - Loir et Cher
coordinates lat. 47.266142 - long. 1.441433
DistanceParcours classique : 7 km
DurationParcours classique : 3h30

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The Touraine Chenonceaux appellation is the fruit of the selection of the best terroirs of Touraine giving rare wines that are associated with elegance and nobility.

Leave the beaten track and discover the Touraine Chenonceaux appellation and its natural heritage. In the heart of the vineyards, the winegrowers share with you their knowledge of the terroir and the appellation, the grape varieties and the wines.

Itinerary : 

1.       You start the circuit at the VVR village, Domaine Pascal Gibault, for your first tasting break.

2.       Stroll through the vineyards towards the second break. With a view of the village of La Loge, you will enjoy the winegrowers' explanations of the local produce around a Touraine-Chenonceaux tasting in keeping with the dishes on offer.

3.       The walk continues in the vineyards and you arrive at the third point. Enjoy a touraine rosé with homemade bites while discovering the means used to protect the vines of weather hazards.

4.       After a visit to the village of La Haye Jallet, you continue to walk in the vineyards on a large wine plateau. For your last tasting break, you attend a demonstration of vine size while enjoying a Touraine-Chenonceaux red with a culinary specialty.
You leave the vineyards to go down to the canal de Berry where a heritage stop awaits you. This is the moment to discover the history of this 260 km canal that crosses the departments of Allier, Cher t Loir-et-Cher.

You walk along the canal and end the hike by crossing the vineyards of the "Bas Quartauts" to join the VVR village where the glass of friendship is offered to you, in the company of the winegrowers on a musical air. It is also an opportunity to discover the farmer village and its offer of catering, wine tasted during the hike will be available for sale and children will enjoy the wooden games.

Picnics are allowed.

Holi ride: for the last departure, get yourself a white t-shirt and go with bags of colored powder that you throw at your leisure during the course. Departure at 10:45 am.Subscribe on 10:30-11:00 am time slot.

For restauration, have a look at :
Le Mange Grenouille : 02 54 71 74 91
L'Herberie des 3 chemins : 09 81 30 66 33
Restaurant le 8 : 02 54 75 32 68
For the night, we selected for you those places :
Les Rives du Cher :
La Petite Ravaudière : 02 54 71 07 88
La Maison Saint-Aignan : 09 83 37 83 20
Maison du Châtelain : 02 42 23 00 09